International Students

Would you like to study in Spain? Are you looking for the right venue? If that is the case, then ISEN Higher Education Centre and University of Murcia can be your choice! Always in close collaboration with UMU, ISEN starts now its own venture towards internationalization, and encourages foreign institutions to join us.

About ISEN

We are proud to be a centre affiliated to such as a prestigious institution as the University of Murcia (UMU), a public comprehensive university founded in 1915, although we can trace its roots back to the 13th century and the reign of Alfonso X (‘The Wise’). It hosts more than 31.000 students, and every year around 1.000 international students from almost 50 different countries find UMU as their perfect destination to fulfill part of their studies. 

On the other hand, ISEN hosts almost 1.200 students, and offers undergraduate Degrees in Primary Education, Pre-School Education, Public and Private Security, Master in Investigation and Innovation of Primary and Pre School Education, State teaching exam preparation and languages. ISEN Campus is located in a dynamic area where three of the city’s main arteries converge, connecting directly to the port, on the one hand, and next to the most important shopping district, also connected to Cartagena´s extraordinary historic city centre.
This variety of academics programmes, the possibility of studying Spanish as a second language, our strategic location, Cartagena’s bustling atmosphere, as well as our mild weather all year make ISEN an attractive destination for students, professors and researches from all over the world…