ISEN is a faculty of The University of Murcia


ISEN is a faculty of The University of Murcia, focused on offering quality training orientated towards its students

ISEN has been committed since its formation to being a high quality educational project. With thirty-seven years of experience in university training, and forty-five years dedicated to vocational training, ISEN’s educational offer is founded on rigor and prudence.

ISEN has been providing university education since 1983, as a Higher Education Center and faculty of the University of Murcia, by virtue of the agreement signed between both institutions, in accordance with Law 4/2007 of April 12, which amended the law 6/2001 of December 21st of Universities, and according to art. 18 of Law 3/2005 April 25th pertaining to universities in the Region of Murcia.

The Centre

At ISEN we work on the creation, development and transfer of knowledge, convinced that training is the cornerstone of society.

ISEN endows its students with solid individual, social and vocational training, which allows them to function in their professional and personal lives with responsibility, efficiency, ethics, a will to improve, pragmatism and freedom.

Our students acquire the knowledge, skills and professional abilities that give them an undeniable and preeminent position in the labour market, whether in our region, the rest of Spain or in any international domain. In the same way, we provide them with the means to develop and achieve teaching and research capabilities in their respective academic fields.

At ISEN we are determined to manage and preserve the highest quality of academic teaching in the degrees and courses we teach.

Academic Council

The Academic Council of ISEN, with the sound personal and professional experience of all its members, contributes to our institution an element of reflection and a point of view that promotes improvement and continuing adaptation, and contributes to the present and future development of the foundations of ISEN and the region.


The eclectic style building (1926) located at no. 8 Calle Menéndez y Pelayo, in Cartagena, is an original work by Lorenzo Ros and used to house the old School of Apprentices of the Spanish Naval Construction Society, before becoming, in the second half of the last century, a naval museum.

Financing Studies

ISEN has arrangements and finance plans for studies with financial institutions. Request information from the secretary or at the External Relations Department.


Mission, vision, corporate values and strategic objectives. Guiding framework of the pedagogical model.


ISEN, University Center and faculty of the University of Murcia, contributes to progress and social improvement in our fields of expertise, through a rigorous, innovative and personalised educational model, which we use as a benchmark of quality in all our initiatives and undertakings.


A cutting-edge university institution, specialised in social sciences, with a notable international profile, and positioned as an attractive institution recognised by both students and teachers.

An urban university space, focused on the challenges of its environment, capable of managing and combining the best of both public and private sectors. Economically sustainable and financed with the resources generated by the institution's own activity.

A rigorous and effective academic teaching service that adapts to the context and needs of the community, without ever losing sight of its commitment to society

Corporate values

At ISEN we promote the development of everyone that makes up our academic community (teachers, students, and administration and services staff), guided by the values of merit, capability, efficiency, transparency, integrity, equality, and respect for the environment.

Beyond the transmission of knowledge, we want our identity and our community to be recognised in the following values:

An ethical and plural community, inclusive, committed and respectful of minorities, creative, innovative and supportive of a critical spirit, honesty and freedom.

Strategic objectives

The strategic objectives of ISEN in the coming years are:

  • The internationalisation of the center
  • Adapting the curricula to new technologies and digitalisation
  • Enhancing its corporate image.

Guiding framework of the pedagogical model

We promote our own pedagogical style based on the principles of respect and transparency with students and their families.

Since the role of the three possible levels of socialisation of knowledge was established - the school, the university and the academy - the role of the different levels within society has never ceased to be debated. Without entering into the debate, we think that this function comprises four fundamentals: transmitting knowledge, training professionals, research, and delivering educated and cultured people to society.

We understand that a trained and cultured person is one who possesses the knowledge corresponding to the specialty in which they were trained, while at the same time knowing their role in the historical and social world in which they live. This requires from them the possession of two strands of knowledge: technical, -their curricular competencies that they must master-, and an understanding that will make them a historically and ethically complete individual.

In the same sense, we plan to train all our students in the specific knowledge of their specialty, and we aspire to instill in them the disposition and intellectual capacity necessary to become better citizens.

Organisational values of ISEN:

  • The pursuit of quality in all services offered
  • Ethics as a benchmark of all our undertakings and decisions
  • Awareness of the social rsesponsablitly of our work.
  • Openness and trust in people, above all in our students
  • Innovation in teaching methods and pedagogical models
  • The determination to contribute to individual and social progress through education
  • Cooperation with public administrations in the provision of public education services